About Us

We are a Social Enterprise aimed at supporting other charities & not for profits creating online solutions to enable consumers around the world to make positive change happen in the only way that will work in the current capitalist system, that is money.

Every time you purchase something you are making a choice; the effects of those choices do make a real difference to the entire supply chain required to deliver that product or service. We are working on enabling you to make better choices and understanding the implications of your choice from search to purchase.

There are numerous great organisations already doing allot of the hard work in helping to guide consumers such as:

ecosia.org has planted 120m trees just from users searching the internet!

ethicalconsumer.org has been empowering millions of consumers to shop better for 30 years!

Giveasyoulive.com has raised over £14m for UK charities from users just doing their normal online shopping!

Boycotts are perhaps the most powerful tool we have as consumers to affect positive change. There are many different boycotts around, here is a list however we propose to coordinate them through our website to make them much more powerful and easy to implement for all.

Don’t worry, we won’t preach to you or tell you what to buy or who to buy from. Instead, we aim to get you the best deals on any product or service in the market. When possible we will highlight offerings from more sustainable providers, if none exist still purchase the same goods and services through us with the addition of a contribution of that purchase going into projects supporting people and the planet before profit.

Please join and support us to make the positive change happen NOW!

Shopforclimatechange.org is a trading name for Commission it ltd registered in England as Company No. 07410971. Commission it Ltd is registered with Social Enterprise UK as a UK registered approved Social Enterprise.

Commission it is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office – registration number ZA288069 – and operates in accordance with all relevant UK data protection legislation in its treatment of personal data provided by users.

We support organisations like The CLIMATE COALITION


We represent over 100 organisations across the UK, including the Women’s Institute, Oxfam, the National Trust, and the RSPB. MEET THERE MEMBERS